About CTLD


Under the circumstances of constructing an innovative nation and a range of world class universities, the significance of high-quality talent training is highlighted, which values the higher education institutes faculty building as the key matter. For quite a long time, we put more emphasizes on promoting faculty’s academic excellence than the counterparts invested on their teaching ability and the research made on the law of teaching, and therefore even the most renowned scholar may not guarantee a satisfied teaching outcome; even the state-level quality courses and the most exquisite teaching materials may not fit students’ various learning styles and ensure a good course contents delivery. These above alert us that the ability and relevant research of teaching are two essential points on the quality insurance of talent training.

Professional institutes have been established in nearly all of the world-class universities with the joint aim of promoting teaching excellence. Shanghai Jiao Tong University has also established the Center for Teaching and Learning Development (CTLD) on April 22, 2011 which will devote itself to bring the faculty training and pedagogical research to a new stage of professional, high-level and sustainable.


The missions of CTLD are: implementing the advanced teaching philosophy, establishing a good culture of teaching, exploring the laws of teaching, practicing the innovative teaching methodology.


  1. Faculty Training: fundamental training for new faculty and teaching ability enhancement training for the others, training for university administrative staff of all levels and training for graduate teaching assistants etc…
  2. Research and Evaluation: systematic research and analysis for teachers’ teaching and students’ learning, platforms building for better communication and individual consultancy service.